National Reviews of "Get All Happy!"

Full text of review from School Library Journal, December 20, 2010.

PreS-Gr 3 -- Veteran performer Peter McCory really hits his stride in his third CD for children. McCory, a one-man band, performs 18 original songs with clever lyrics that touch on topics familiar to children such as a trip to the library, riding a bicycle, cowboys, dads, and donuts. Each number delightfully tells a story, whether it's a tune about Puxatawny Phil or a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. McCory's songs have infectious melodies that make listeners want to tap their toes and clap their hands. Younger children will have a blast dancing and moving to the title song, while older listeners will enjoy the whimsy of "Once Upon a Time" as they attempt to identify the various folk and fairy tales mentioned. McCory is joined on the chorus of several songs by a well-executed children's chorus. Excellent musicianship combined with top-notch lyrics and music makes this a welcome addition to story times. -- Veronica Schwartz De Fazio, Plainfield Public Library, IL

National Reviews of "Fingernail Fairy"

Full text of review from School Library Journal, May 2005.

PreS - Gr 3 --This second CD by children's entertainer Peter Mcory is sure to be a hit with kids. The subjects of the 16 original songs range what it's like to be short in "Fifty Inches Tall" to what a pain it is to get "Gum on My Shoe" to a wish for a companion to the tooth fairy who would come when you have problems with your nails in "Fingernail Fairy." Fun word games are found in "Padiddly," "Onomatopoeia," and "Flower Song" which contains a fun play on words with plant names. "Read a Book" is a fun sing-along highlighting many of the things that you can see and do just by using your imagination and reading a book. Alongside gentle tunes such as "Starfishing" and the island sounds of "Calypso Dad" are upbeat, lively songs featuring a variety of instruments including ukulele, kazoo, toy piano, slide whistle, and jaw harp. A nice addition to any collection. -- Veronica Schwartz, Des Plaines Public Library, IL

Full text of review from Booklist, March 15, 2005.

PreS - Gr 2 --Peter McCory is a one-man band. Really. He not only plays up to five instruments simultaneously but he is a one-man band of ideas. Many of the 16 original songs on this collection sound common themes found on children's recordings -- dinousaurs, birthdays, ice cream, reading, and TV -- yet McCory always takes a fresh and tuneful approach. He also covers some offbeat topics, such as the rare but very rewarding fingernail fairy, "padiddly" pets, and onomatopoeia. The CD ends with a minor celebration of the marvelous possibilities of growing up, a delicate balance of uninhibited wonder and wistfulness. This winning and enthusiastic album from the creator of The Big Blue Ball (2002) is highly recommended. Older children will enjoy this as well. -- Paul Shackman

National Reviews of "The Big Blue Ball"

Full text of review from School Library Journal, July 2001.

PreS - Gr 2 --This delightful first recording by children's entertainer Peter McCory will keep toes tapping and children laughing. A wide array of subject matter is covered. There are educational songs such as "The Big Blue Ball," a song about Earth and the environment, and the easy-to-learn "9-1-1" which teaches listeners to find the numbers on the phone, when to dial them, and what to do after you have. There are fun songs like "Hi-Lo," about what would happen if you combined the words hi and hello, "Godzilla," about a young boy who calls on the monster because his brother is bullying him, and "Ooh, Gross!," about all the truly gross things you could be forced to eat instead of broccoli. Finally, there is the nostalgic "Warm Summer Nights" for parents as memories of childhood summer evenings are invoked in this gentle song. An excellent choice for all collections. -- Veronica Schwartz, Des Plains Public Library, IL.

Full text of review from Booklist, March 1, 2002.

Ages 3 - 7. This cheerful, upbeat collection is a tour de force. A "one-man band," performer Peter McCory plays six instruments and sings 12 entertaining songs that cover such subjects as Grandma's visit ("Grandma Needs a Cat"), unusual food combinations ("Ooh Gross"), and summoning help ("9-1-1"). "Warm Summer Nights" stirs feelings of nostalgia, and "Godzilla" strikes a note of revenge for oppressed younger siblings everywhere. The imaginative tunes (10 are original McCory compositions) feature a backup children's chorus on two selections. A winner for young listeners. -- Laurie Hartshorn

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