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How To Book A Show

Booking a Peter McCory show is easy. Here are some facts you might fide helpful.

How Long Is A Standard Show?

Peter's standard show runs 45-minutes, but if the kids are having fun, it's not unusual for it to run over a little. He's happy to play for longer, if you wish. He always offers a half-price discount for a second or subsequent back-to-back show. That's because he's already there, and he doesn't have to set up again! So sponsors often ask him to play two sets, one for one group, then the second for another. This works great for school assemblies, where there may be too many students to fit comfortably in the space.

How Much Does A Show Cost?

Peter's Chucks It's hard to quote standard prices because the costs vary depending upon a couple of factors. Please call or e-mail, and Peter will be happy to give you a specific cost. Here are a few of the things that affect cost:

* How far away is the function? Rates for the Northern Virginia nd DC area are pretty standard. But for shows where distant travel is involved, an additional fee may be added.

* Are overnight accommodations necessary? Sometimes sponsors get creative and get local motels to donate a room. This saves the additional expense of lodgings for Peter. But he's happy to make his own arrangements.

Does He Require A Sound System?

Peter always uses a microphone when he plays! You'd be surprised how much noise even the smallest group of happy children can make. You have to be able to outsing them if you want to stay in control. Most of the time Peter uses his own PA system, and it is included in his costs. However, he's happy to work with your sound engineer if your event will have a professional sound company providing PA services. Peter's system can accommodate groups of up to approximately 1,500. He also has a small battery-powered system for street shows and places with no AC.

Those Details!

Assuming the date is available, you'll get a contract/invoice to sign which specifies all the details. Nobody likes poor communications, and no one wants to disappoint little ones if there is confusion regarding a date or place. So Peter tries very hard to stay organized and keep a formal contracting procedure in place to prevent mishaps. Seems to work pretty well.

Raise Your Hand Fully Guaranteed

Peter is committed to offering quality musical programs for children. If you are not fully satisfied with the show, there is no charge.


Peter has hundreds of satisfied sponsors all around the mid-Atlantic area. If you would like references, please ask!

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